Homemade Pizza – Easy Dough and Sauce


Pizza is a regular on the menu at our house, but lately I’ve gotten so tired of take-out pizza. First, it can be expensive (Pizza Hut delivery πŸ™„). Second, they don’t have the fresh ingredients I like to add to my pizza. Third, all. that. GREASE! So, I’ve been on the hunt for a homemade pizza recipe and boy did I find one. Yummy.

I made these at my cookie decorating party and let everyone top their own pizza. It was fun and delicious! You probably have almost all the ingredients to make this easy pizza already.

Getting a lot of use out of my new mixer. πŸ‘πŸ»

Here’s the recipe for the dough which comes together so quickly. I follow the recipe exactly.

Pizza Dough Recipe

With the pizza sauce, I was convinced it would be hard to find a good recipe. Not so hard at all, and the recipe is EASY!

Homemade Pizza Sauce Recipe

With the pizza sauce, I start on the lower side of the red pepper flakes and sugar. Let the sauce simmer then add additional of those two to taste. Sometimes the sauce doesn’t need as much sugar.

Once the dough and sauce are finished, roll out your dough then add some sauce and your favorite toppings. My favorite toppings are mozzarella, parmesan, pepperoni, feta, arugula, and additional red pepper flakes. So good!!!! Let me know if you make some.

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